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We all have a unique story. When we share our story, it encourages and empowers others the share theirs. Click the button above to share your story, and help us write a book of miracle stories.


Using pastor Matt's messages and changing my I am statements, I've seen huge breakthroughs in how the Lord is working in my life and in areas I use to be stressed out about. Giving it up to God has given me so much peace. I recently had breakthrough in the area of finances! My housing situation has stabilized and the Lord and has blessed me greatly.

-Shawna Redekop

I was 13 when I first started using hard drugs. This choice brought me to the darkest alleys of east Hastings. For 5 years I roamed around the streets lost and confused pleading for god to end my suffering. Believing that god had given up on me and I was alone. I struggled everyday exchanging my morals and values chasing a high I would never reach. 2016 I believed my prayers were answered as I attempted to end my life but god had other plans. I was brought to Westminster house where I discovered a life worth living. I got clean with the support of a whole community and there my journey began with god. As years passed I learnt that god was never done with me and he had been there with me all along. 2020 I found college street church. This is where I dove deep into my faith and gods gifts came pouring in. I began walking in faith and not by sight. Today, god has shown me that I can get through all life throws at me and that I am a child of god. I share my story and I am proud of who I am because of him. I struggle, but it is not the same as it use to be. God has given me a second chance and i will not quiet down. I bring hope to those who are suffering from addiction Spreading gods love everywhere I go.

-Emily Droege

The last few days I have been suffering from a really bad flu. I’ve had a high fever, so the point where if I stood for longer than a few minutes I would loose my site. Along with intense body aches. Sundays are my favourite days so when I woke up with the same painful aches I started to tear up knowing that I was too sick to attend church in person. Thankfully I was able to watch online. During worship, the song miracle story was on and Pastor Steph said ask for the miracle. My eyes began to well up as I raised my hand and said Please Jesus heal my body from this sickness. Immediately after I heard the Lord say If you want to be healed stand up! As I rose to my feet to worship I began to feel all the aches and pains that had been once crippling me fall to the floor. I don’t think I have ever sang louder in worship in my living room. Thank you Jesus!

-Kari Wallace

Kris and I tried for years to add to our family. We saw doctor after doctor, and were told we had something called “unexplained infertility” - three years later we had given up hope, and just started praying. Two months later we found out we were expecting our baby girl. At our 20 week scan we were told something had “gone wrong” during early development and she was missing her left hand entirely. We prayed and prayed and leaned on the church for support - four months later, we had yet another scan done to check on her and watched as the doctor was SHOCKED. Our baby girl now has a hand, four fingers and a thumb that have somehow managed to grow. Our doctors have asked us to “investigate” since they’ve never seen this before and we just smile and say our god worked his miracle on her.

-Jessica Lynne Rogers

A few year's back I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I had to take medications, recieve mutliple MRI's and had a lot of bloodwork done just to see if it was going to grow or shrink. Through the years of living with it from the passing out to the migrains that I had to deal with, it was a struggle! With in a year of coming to this church and all the prayer I received from my friends and family back home. I felt I was getting better. I got a call from my doctor in May 2022 that the tumor was GONE! As if it was never there!! I now no longer pass out as much and my migrains are minor and less frequent. GOD IS SO GOOD!

-Kelsey McCurdy

11 months ago I was in a terrifying car accident to where I flipped my car a few times, landed on my wheels and ended up breaking my T 11 in my back. I was able to walk, but I went from a walker, to a cain to walking on my own again. I lost everything that day my mobility, my independence, my car, financial security, had to move out of my house and most importantly to me was the way I love to worship the Lord which is dancing. It was about two months after the accident and I was at church with my cane. As worship was going I decided that this was enough it was time for me to dance again. I went up to Pastors Matt and Char and asked if they would pray for me I was ready to dance again. They prayed for me and Pastor Matt said lets dance so we started to dance and I started to dance without the cain. Pastor Matt was so excited and said to me as he was holding up the cain "you don't need this any more." I haven't used it since!! And since then God did so many big miracles that today I have a car which was given to me from the church, a wonderful place to live, I am not in constant pain any more, I am dancing once again and am able to jump up and down without any pain. God redeemed everything that was stolen!!

-Kelsey Chvojka

Almost 2 years ago, while I was at work, I came across two gentleman from the church. They walked in as we were closing and I got to serve them, we then started talking about church, tattoos and Jesus. That day was the beginning of getting out of an abusive relationship I had been in for years. For years I would defend him, I hid my identity and who I was because I was scared. I defended him and totally neglected myself, not only as a person but as a daughter of the most high. It wasn't until walking into the doors of College Street where I felt truly listened to, safe and apart of a family. I believe that God brought me to Chilliwack, and that church at the perfect time. God really gave me a family at College Street. I walked into new beginnings. I recommitted my life to Jesus and walked into my healing. I walked into my miracle story and out of life with my abuser. Through that time my joy came back. I felt chains breaking constantly. My depression, PTSD, anxiety and even chronic fatigue and pain were healed. Broken relationships in my family were healed. Through the relationship series I was able to fall in love with Jesus again, and just with life. In all honesty, I had a moment where I really believed that I was meant to be single, but little did I know, God was preparing my heart, and the way to reconnect with one of my best friends. We were both given prophetic words that are soulmates were just around the corner. After days of praying, fasting and really trusting the Lord, we walked into a beautiful journey together. And it's just the beginning. Never did I ever think I would be able to find my forever, move out of the comfort of my hometown and live the life I am living. All glory and thanks to Jesus. This is just a short testimony of someone who really needed to let go of her own ways of thinking, her own ways of living, and just walk into the truth that God says, the life that God has planned, with faith, trust and submission. His ways are so much more beautiful, and perfect than us as humans could ever even fathom. When you let go and let God, miracles will happen. You just need to let go of your own ways and trust that his plans for your life are good, and for you to prosper.

-Nala Johnstone

Miracle Stories
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