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We all have a unique story. When we share our story, it encourages and empowers others the share theirs. Click the button above to share your story, and help us write a book of miracle stories.


I was born and raised in a little town in West Virginia. God worked a miracle in my life, a life filled with fear and shame. I was born late in my parents' life and my siblings were all teenagers. One of my older brothers mentally abused me from age 5 and all through my childhood, causing me to think I was not worth anything and that something was wrong with me. He would tell me nobody loved me and bad things were going to happen to me. I lived in fear and with low self-esteem. I hid it well from everyone and acted like I was just normal. But inside, I was tormented for most of my life. My mother was going through some problems when this started and my dad worked the graveyard shift for a Coal Company in maintenance. I had no support or help from them. My mother was loving towards me when I was very young, but changed in her attitude towards me later. I never knew if she was going to be loving and nice to me, or mean to me. Mom would tell me to not pay any attention to my brother and made light of it. But the psychological damage was already taking place, from him and her. I was just a little boy and didn't know what to do! I suffered greatly from anxiety and depression throughout my childhood and well into my adulthood. My parents were saved and started attending church when I was 13 years old. They insisted that I attend church, so to keep peace with them, I went every Sunday morning and night and Wednesday night. To please my parents, I faked salvation and was baptized. I attended church until the age of 19 when they couldn't make me go. From that time until my true salvation in 1992, I lived a worldly life, sinning against God. Moving on to 1992, my wife was saved and attended church regularly. She took our sons to church. I knew she was praying for me as well as the congregation of that church. In late October of 1992, I was at work and during my evening break, I started thinking about my life up to this point of being 42 years old. I decided to have a conversation with God. This was very unusual for me to do something like this, but I felt I should. I asked the Lord to answer a question I had been thinking about. I wanted to know why I had an uneasy feeling down in my spirit and why I felt so unhappy for no real reason I could think of. I was sincere with this question and I believed the Lord would hear me and at some point I would have an answer. I started reading the Bible. Soon I was convicted of my sins and gave my life to the Lord. I was baptized and became a member of a Baptist Church. This time it was for real! So began my journey. I was warned that as a new Christian Satan would attack me, and so he did! I was so happy because now I was truly saved. I was excited about my new beginning! I was looking down the narrow road God had put me on and it was smooth and I felt I was pleasing the Lord. However, my first test came quickly.


I worked in a Power Plant where electricity was generated using coal. One day I wrote with my finger on a door covered with coal dust, “God loves you!” A friend happened to walk by and said, “What is this 'God Loves You' stuff all about?” I tried to tell him what had just happened in my life, but could not come up with the right words. He didn't want to hear it and and left! I was ashamed that I had missed an opportunity to tell my friend about Jesus. I have fallen off the narrow road many times, but get back on and keep on going because I know it is the right road! As a new Christian, I had so much to learn. I was so full of fear and shame, and was anxious and depressed. I didn't know where I fit in with my family, at church or in life. This anxiety and depression had so many branches such as anger, confusion and frustration. I would often take out my frustration on my wife and children by snapping at them when all they did was ask me a question or want me to do something. I was ashamed I was this way. Satan put doubt in my mind, that I might not really be saved because I was this way. I struggled, and I prayed consistently that the Lord would take this suffering away from me. I was growing very slowly as a Christian and didn't understand so many things. I could pray for others and believe the Lord heard my prayers, but I needed help. Even though I knew the Lord was in control of all things and would take care of what I was going through, it seemed the answer would not come. The Apostle Paul suffered with what he called, “a thorn in his side,” so I thought this fear and shame was my thorn. I believed I was this way for a reason only God knew. I tried hard to just live with it and that when I got to Heaven I would be healed. In 2009 my wife and I moved to Alabama to be close to our sons and joined a Baptist Church. My depression got worse as time went on and I felt I was losing the battle! I felt like this was a cancer inside of me that's how bad it was. As a matter of fact, I was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2010. With a good surgeon and 28 radiation treatments God healed me from it. However, with what I was feeling inside and dealing with, the throat cancer seemed minor. I was losing ground with my depression and became almost reclusive, wanting to be by myself and not deal with people, even family. I still went to church faithfully, but lost interest in everything else. I was beating myself up and had lost hope of ever being released from this suffering. My daily prayer time went silent, and I was never this low before. I had given up on God, but God had not given up on me! A good friend from church knew of my depression and some of what I was going through. He suggested I should see a Christian Counsellor we have at our church. My wife and older son also urged me to seek help. I met with the Counsellor and I told him my story. He showed me how to dig deep to find the cause of my fear and shame. I finally came to realize that none of it was my fault!


On a Sunday in October of 2023, at the age of 73, the Lord lifted this burden of fear and shame from me! It was truly a super-natural event that I had never experienced before. It was the most wonderful feeling of freedom! I praise God each and every day for this miracle that He performed in my life and am eternally thankful! I share my story to give hope to someone else who may be struggling in similar situations. But my main goal is to give God honor and glory for this amazing miracle in my life! So, keep on praying and trusting the Lord! Seek Christian counselling. We are not meant to carry our burdens alone and God uses others to help us get where we need to be. There will still be some bad times in this earthly life, but know this: The Lord will never give up on you! He didn't give up on me!! God bless you!

-Jerry Worrell


Hi everyone, I want to share my Miracle Story. I attended last years Womens Conference where I asked for prayer for healing. I sought it out before prayer was even offered, like the lady reaching for the hem of Jesus' garment - He was there in our midst and my faith pushed me to reach for Him. I had battled with Fibromyalgia for nearly 20yrs. At one point a few years ago I had to leave a job I loved, I could barely walk anymore. I was mid 40s, using a cane. The beginning of last year was particularly rough, the flares were more common and my physical/mental health was worsening. I knew that very night after conference that I was healed, I went home feeling like a new person and so much lighter. The grief of chronic illness was gone. Some of the healing I felt immediately and some took time to work through with Jesus as He revealed the healing & restoration in my body, mind and spirit. A year later, I am blown away at how much my life has radically changed. I have a physically demanding job that I love and I can work without being laid up for days on end after. Fibromyalgia is awful, there were so many issues, chronic leg pain, nerve pain, IBS, depression, self-isolation and more, all gone!! My son even said to me recently, Mom, you're not the same person anymore, you used to spend so much time in bed. Thank you Jesus for giving me back my life. I can work, serve at church and most importantly look after my family/grandchildren without constant pain & sickness. I will never not be blown away by His ongoing Love, Grace, Mercy & Provision - Whatever you need, the answer is always JESUS! 🙏💕

-Shelley Condrashoff


In the first service this last Sunday Coach Cam prayed for me to receive healing and nothing seemed to have changed . Then the next service Coach Rick and Cam prayed for me again. As most of you know I broke my back about a year and a half ago and received a lot of healing and then 3 months ago I was in a second car accident. Found out that my back didn’t fully heal from the first accident. The doc said I was now considered chronic. Hahaha no thanks I don’t receive that. Also from the second accident two ribs that are connected to the break have been making breathing shallow and resticting. So back to Sunday morning while Coach Rick and Cam where praying I heard “just breathe” I started to breathe. Then I felt Gods love surround me like the kingdom jacket I was wearing. I felt less restricted and that it was loosing as the rest of the service and day went on. That night I parked my car and walked up a hill to where usually my ribs would hurt a lot. NOTHING!!!!!! I still have pain in the back in my lower spine area but I firmly believe that will go as well progressively will be gone in Jesus name. Wow Thank you Jesus

-Kelsey Chvojka


Following an incredible service Pastor Matt took the time to pray for healing in the house, I had a shoulder injury from the gym that's been ongoing for 4 years (torn rotator cuff ) the injury was healed but has nagged ever since.. clicking shoulders, random pains when lifting...couldn't do push ups without pain etc etc.. I learned to live with it. We were all praying for healing and as I was praying; I started feeling my shoulders getting warm, I began moving them only to realize the clicking was gone ! The pain was gone! I could not believe it. My shoulders felt almost brand new.... I was still very skeptical. I kept looking for the clicking and random sharp pains..but they were gone. It's the 2nd day since service, and shoulders still feel great. No clicking, no pain. I'm in shock but also so grateful. Thank you god, and thank you pastor Matt and all the awesome people who were at the service!

-Cam Spear

I have been attending college street victory church for close to a year now, and it has dramatically changed and improved my life in every area. Like many other people, I had a troubled past..divorced parents, troubled youth, broken home, drug/alcohol addiction, and a criminal lifestyle. By God's grace I'm nearly 7 years sober now; beautiful partner/family, great job, family, friends etc... but with all that I still battled my demons; mentally. I faced many difficult battles over the years with temptation, anger, hopelessness, anxiety, fear etc etc; basically I had a war zone going on in my head daily. I tried many things to fix this but could never hold it together. Exercise, self-help books, self-help videos.. they were temporary and I'd find myself back in the loop of mental health issues. A random Sunday I looked up online and landed on victory church and decided I was going to go check it out. I tell you the holy spirit washed over me and immediately felt at home and at peace when I walked in the doors.. Everyone was inviting, kind and genuine; I sat through the service and cried, laughed, smiled and I knew right then and there; God was what was missing in my life. That emptiness faded and was filled with love and hope, I became a better person for my partner/kids even started attending, we started praying together, we started loving each other more deeply. Every area of life improved, with Matt and Charmaine they teach you God's word, with a life-coach style of preaching..they teach you life-skills centered around God's word and the Bible. They're incredible people. No longer do I live in a constant state of fear and anxiety, my past is buried and I'm able to live freely now all thanks to Jesus christ, victory church and the incredible people that serve there. I'm forever grateful for how this place changed my life.


Using pastor Matt's messages and changing my I am statements, I've seen huge breakthroughs in how the Lord is working in my life and in areas I use to be stressed out about. Giving it up to God has given me so much peace. I recently had breakthrough in the area of finances! My housing situation has stabilized and the Lord and has blessed me greatly.

-Shawna Redekop

I was 13 when I first started using hard drugs. This choice brought me to the darkest alleys of east Hastings. For 5 years I roamed around the streets lost and confused pleading for god to end my suffering. Believing that god had given up on me and I was alone. I struggled everyday exchanging my morals and values chasing a high I would never reach. 2016 I believed my prayers were answered as I attempted to end my life but god had other plans. I was brought to Westminster house where I discovered a life worth living. I got clean with the support of a whole community and there my journey began with god. As years passed I learnt that god was never done with me and he had been there with me all along. 2020 I found college street church. This is where I dove deep into my faith and gods gifts came pouring in. I began walking in faith and not by sight. Today, god has shown me that I can get through all life throws at me and that I am a child of god. I share my story and I am proud of who I am because of him. I struggle, but it is not the same as it use to be. God has given me a second chance and i will not quiet down. I bring hope to those who are suffering from addiction Spreading gods love everywhere I go.

-Emily Droege

The last few days I have been suffering from a really bad flu. I’ve had a high fever, so the point where if I stood for longer than a few minutes I would loose my site. Along with intense body aches. Sundays are my favourite days so when I woke up with the same painful aches I started to tear up knowing that I was too sick to attend church in person. Thankfully I was able to watch online. During worship, the song miracle story was on and Pastor Steph said ask for the miracle. My eyes began to well up as I raised my hand and said Please Jesus heal my body from this sickness. Immediately after I heard the Lord say If you want to be healed stand up! As I rose to my feet to worship I began to feel all the aches and pains that had been once crippling me fall to the floor. I don’t think I have ever sang louder in worship in my living room. Thank you Jesus!

-Kari Wallace

Kris and I tried for years to add to our family. We saw doctor after doctor, and were told we had something called “unexplained infertility” - three years later we had given up hope, and just started praying. Two months later we found out we were expecting our baby girl. At our 20 week scan we were told something had “gone wrong” during early development and she was missing her left hand entirely. We prayed and prayed and leaned on the church for support - four months later, we had yet another scan done to check on her and watched as the doctor was SHOCKED. Our baby girl now has a hand, four fingers and a thumb that have somehow managed to grow. Our doctors have asked us to “investigate” since they’ve never seen this before and we just smile and say our god worked his miracle on her.

-Jessica Lynne Rogers

A few year's back I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I had to take medications, recieve mutliple MRI's and had a lot of bloodwork done just to see if it was going to grow or shrink. Through the years of living with it from the passing out to the migrains that I had to deal with, it was a struggle! With in a year of coming to this church and all the prayer I received from my friends and family back home. I felt I was getting better. I got a call from my doctor in May 2022 that the tumor was GONE! As if it was never there!! I now no longer pass out as much and my migrains are minor and less frequent. GOD IS SO GOOD!

-Kelsey McCurdy

11 months ago I was in a terrifying car accident to where I flipped my car a few times, landed on my wheels and ended up breaking my T 11 in my back. I was able to walk, but I went from a walker, to a cain to walking on my own again. I lost everything that day my mobility, my independence, my car, financial security, had to move out of my house and most importantly to me was the way I love to worship the Lord which is dancing. It was about two months after the accident and I was at church with my cane. As worship was going I decided that this was enough it was time for me to dance again. I went up to Pastors Matt and Char and asked if they would pray for me I was ready to dance again. They prayed for me and Pastor Matt said lets dance so we started to dance and I started to dance without the cain. Pastor Matt was so excited and said to me as he was holding up the cain "you don't need this any more." I haven't used it since!! And since then God did so many big miracles that today I have a car which was given to me from the church, a wonderful place to live, I am not in constant pain any more, I am dancing once again and am able to jump up and down without any pain. God redeemed everything that was stolen!!

-Kelsey Chvojka

Almost 2 years ago, while I was at work, I came across two gentleman from the church. They walked in as we were closing and I got to serve them, we then started talking about church, tattoos and Jesus. That day was the beginning of getting out of an abusive relationship I had been in for years. For years I would defend him, I hid my identity and who I was because I was scared. I defended him and totally neglected myself, not only as a person but as a daughter of the most high. It wasn't until walking into the doors of College Street where I felt truly listened to, safe and apart of a family. I believe that God brought me to Chilliwack, and that church at the perfect time. God really gave me a family at College Street. I walked into new beginnings. I recommitted my life to Jesus and walked into my healing. I walked into my miracle story and out of life with my abuser. Through that time my joy came back. I felt chains breaking constantly. My depression, PTSD, anxiety and even chronic fatigue and pain were healed. Broken relationships in my family were healed. Through the relationship series I was able to fall in love with Jesus again, and just with life. In all honesty, I had a moment where I really believed that I was meant to be single, but little did I know, God was preparing my heart, and the way to reconnect with one of my best friends. We were both given prophetic words that are soulmates were just around the corner. After days of praying, fasting and really trusting the Lord, we walked into a beautiful journey together. And it's just the beginning. Never did I ever think I would be able to find my forever, move out of the comfort of my hometown and live the life I am living. All glory and thanks to Jesus. This is just a short testimony of someone who really needed to let go of her own ways of thinking, her own ways of living, and just walk into the truth that God says, the life that God has planned, with faith, trust and submission. His ways are so much more beautiful, and perfect than us as humans could ever even fathom. When you let go and let God, miracles will happen. You just need to let go of your own ways and trust that his plans for your life are good, and for you to prosper.

-Nala Johnstone

My mom and her boyfriend have been looking to buy a home in Calgary. They kept looking and every time they thought they were going to get it a price war started or another barrier appeared. So they prayed and ask God that when it's the right home to remove the barriers. They walked into one and my mom knew this was it. They got told the hot water tank needed replacing as well as the furnace. They liked it so much they offered a lower price to make up for the replacement of the tank and the furnace. They came back and said no but offered a price back to them for 25,000 dollars lower than asking price BUT they said finances has to be done in 4 days. The realtor told them this was impossible and more than likely not going to happen! They proceeded to contact the bank and then found out all the paper work to do with finances they had been working on in case they found a home had been shredded! Feeling defeated they proceeded to leave the bank but God had other plans! They ran into another lady they knew at the bank and she should nope we are going to make this work! Then they had the inspection done and found out nothing was wrong with the tank or furnace and the house scored a 9.8 out of 10 on the inspection! So in a matter of 2 days they got finances and found out didn't have to replace anything AND got the house for 25,000 LOWER than the asking price! God removed every single barrier! They move in July 1! God is good!!

-Calandra Gauld

I just wanted to remind everyone miracles don't have to be big. They happen every day in all of our lives. Missing car keys are a classic example. I have torn apart my house looking for my keys many times. Then I pray "Jesus help me find my keys". And all of a sudden their they are siting on the coffee table. Just remember to thank God for his grace and love he has for us all and look for the little miracles everyday. It's just a reminder to be thankful and that he walks with us all everyday.

-Garth Krieger

It took me a long time to realize that this is a miracle story. You might want to grab some tissues. I grew up raised by a single mother. None of my extended family were involved in our lives. It was just my mom and her three kids until I was about nine or ten years old when we were introduced to elder Mary Uslick from Skowkale First Nation. She was my adopted grandma. Mary took my family under her wing. Mary passed away in 2007 and we were on our own again, in a way. Fast forward to 2014. My mom decided to follow my sister and move up to Fort St. John. My sister had made friends with a man named David. We had met David one summer before my mom moved up north when we went to go visit my sister. At the time, David was in a relationship. Unfortunately, between the time we were in Fort St. John and my mom moving up there, David's partner had passed away. When my sister told Dave that my mom was moving up to Fort St. John, Dave had it is his mind that he wasn't going to date anyone until my mom moved up there. When my mom got settled in Fort St. John, my sister re-introduced my mom and Dave. They hit it off. They fell in love and got married. Finally, at the age of 24, I had a dad. Dave took on the role as devoted husband, father and grandfather (my sister had kids). Dave was an amazing man. Unfortunately, Dave passed away in 2018 due to a medical mistake that took place in the Chilliwack hospital. Dave had lung cancer and due to medical negligence (the healthcare system in Fort St. John is horrible), his condition deteriorated to the point where he had to get air-lifted to Vancouver General Hospital. From there, my mom and dad stayed with me until he passed away in the Chilliwack Hospital. The miracle of the story is that there is sunshine through the clouds. In the 4 short years that Dave was in our lives, he taught my family how we deserved to be loved and taken care of. He loved us with all of his heart. It is important to note that Dave and my mom had crossed paths in White Rock when my mom was a teenager. They were soulmates through and through. We were also a blessing to Dave, as he was able to die knowing true love. He hadn't had the easiest life when it came to family. He had daughters and grand-children that didn't want anything to do with him. At the end of his life, Dave also got to know God. After he passed away, I often wondered why God would bring him into our lives for such a short time. I was angry at God for a long time until I met my man, who opened my mind and heart to God. If it weren't for God bringing Dave into our lives, none of us would have known true love.

-Pearl Moon

My story starts about 3yrs ago when life took on many personal challenges and alot of grief. I was finishing school at the time and recently moved back home. My dad was always a hard worker but one day he unfortunately lost himself. Alcohol, poor nutrition and poor work conditions caused me to see first hand someone change into someone you don't know. In turn, this almost stripped my parents apart. He started pacing, loosing cognitive function of doing simple tasks. Very much dementia symptoms. One day I had to make the hardest decision of my life and have my own father arrested. He spent 2 months undergoing many tests staying in the hospital under the mental health act. Finally God gave us the right doctors and we slowly started seeing progress at home. I believe God was working in him and giving us the tools to work and heal as a family. His love is strong. His love is powerful with faith. My dad is now alcohol and smoke free because God was able to work in him. He was able to show him just how much his family meant to him. He still struggles with alot but he's a strong believer of God. If God wasn't in his life I wouldn't be having my father in my life or here living today.

-Tina Van Der Maden

I was brought up in an religous abusive home. I was spiritually and emotionally and physically and sexually abused growing up from a wee baby until I was 15 and when I reached adulhood I was quite screwed up, but I became a christian when I was 5. God spoke to me for the first time and said I would need him later in life. Thank God I have my sanity. I struggled with mental health and addictions, but I'm free. I'm 48, had my daughter at 26 and my son at 30. They are grown now and I'm pregnant with a new baby. I have a good man in my life that God brought to me again and I need prayer for my family and kids and my partner and baby. I'm scared. I need a house to live in and a job and career again. I need college for nursing and prayer- lots of prayer.

-Emily Haworth

I had spent a year off work to complete my studies, in this time we were down to one income and it surley wasnt enough to handle our expenses, we had run to the limit of every credit card we had. We were in dire straights, however God never fails. He sent someone to our door that brought us $400.00, I thought wow we can actually buy groceries, I was so greatful and very excited to spend the money on food. As I was walking up the stairs I heard are you going to tithe your 10%, I thought how do I possibly do this when we are so short, but when i thought about for a minute, I knew God would be and always was faithful to his word. so I tithed my $40.00. I went and had shower and then went grocery shopping. as I was unloading the groceries I received an email or phone call That I had been awarded a contract in the amount of $417,000.00, I had to shake my head once again God never fails His Word says in Luke 6:38 Give and it will be given to you.,a good measure pressed down, shaken together and running over, will poured into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured to you. As believers we truly cannot afford to not tithe. Why would we ever want to limit God's ability to bless us?

-Sharon Holburn

This is the story of Mayah and how God not only blessed me with a beautiful daughter but another family as well. Not everyone knows I have a fourth child. I was 27, just recently out of a toxic relationship and was struggling to find my purpose in life and I was undiagnosed bipolar. I was not attending church at the time. My Mennonite history had taught me about God but not how to have a relationship with Jesus. I was a single mom dealing with a child who had challenges. I started attending classes at UFV and soon met a friend that I was able to connect with. We started dating a few months in. I was happy to be with someone who seemed safe to be with. I had been in a couple abusive relationships. Being taken care of and having someone help me was just what I needed at the time. Soon after I ended up getting pregnant. After I found out for sure that I was pregnant I told Brian. He seemed happy at first. But then he stopped answering my calls and avoided me. He finally broke up with me a month after finding out we were having a baby. So here I was again, a single mother and pregnant. Mason was a challenge, and I just did not know what to do. Suddenly, I heard a small voice saying “phone Jana” in my mind, over and over. I had met Jana and Bob at Eden Mennonite when I was 17, they were a good strong Christian couple. They had started a bible study and soon we had become good friends. But when I got sucked into the drug seen and ended battered and abused, I moved away from the church and everyone in it. I did not feel like God was doing anything in my life anyway. When I heard the voice in my head to phone Jana, I was not sure what to make of it. I had not talked to Jana and Bob in years and did not know how to even go about getting a hold of them or what to even say. God had an answer for that too. He told me to phone Berts Trucking, whom was Bobs dad and boss at the time. So, I left a message just asking to have Jana or bob phone me. I was headed up to 100mile for Easter at my aunt's lake house. There is no service up there but all in Gods timing Jana phoned me just as we were stopping at save on foods on our way to the lake. Jana asked me how I was, and God granted me the wisdom and strength to say what was on my heart. I did not know how to sugar coat it, so I just opened up and asked “do you want to have a baby” she was of course shocked. So, I explained the situation and that God told me to call her. She said she had to talk it over with Bob and pray about it before giving me an answer. As we talked, she explained that they had adopted their son when he was a baby and that they were thinking of adopting again and had just decided not to right before I had called them. It was the longest weekend of my life, waiting for their call. I just had a total sense of peace that everything was going to work out. When we finally talked again, they were very hesitant and kept asking me if I was sure. I had not been more sure about anything in my life at that moment. God said “you are carrying this child for them to bless them with what they had always desired.” When they accepted what I was offering we were all overjoyed with what God was doing. It was a complicated pregnancy and Bob and Jana live in Pemberton, so it was a long way for them to come down. Jana came down for every ultrasound and doctor's appointment. The day of the ultrasound to find out the gender of the baby Jana had told me that Jordan was praying for a baby sister. When we got the results and found out she was a girl we cried in joy for Gods good plans. Jana started taking estrogen in the hopes of being able to breast feed when Mayah was born. When the time came to have her, the hospital blessed us by providing a room for bob and Jana to stay in. Mayah was 3 weeks early but was born healthy. Bob got to cut the cord, and Jana successfully was able to breast feed. We were all in hospital for 2 days. Jana and Bob brought her home from the hospital. Mayah was named by her brother Jordan. Her name means Close to God in Hebrew. It was a miracle that I was able to provide the experience and ability to raise a child from birth. God made this all possible even though I did not believe it at the time. I gained a whole new family. I am tummy mommy to Mayah, and I usually see them once a month. She will be 9 in October Through it all I learnt that if God was not walking beside me, he was carrying me through it. Laying plans that blessed many people even in my misbelief. I can look back now and see all the work he did and praise him every day for the things he makes happen even if I do not see it during it. As I grow in my faith I see more and more the works of our father in my life.

-Shawna Redekop

I want to share a very real Christmas miracle story that happened to me on Christmas of 2005. I’m hoping that you can share this to show peoplw to never give up on God. I have to begin my story in the spring of 2005 when I was diagnosed with a severe mitral valve regurgitation. I was told by the head thoracic surgeon at the Univ. of PA that I could die any day. My heart was that bad! My life at the time was very difficult. No different than anyone else struggling to make ends meet with four children. My wife and I lost our van due to extreme financial difficulties, and we were left with no option than to purchase a much smaller car. I am mentioning the car because it plays a role in this story. That Christmas of 2005 was going to be very difficult for the family. I had four little boys, and we took in a girl with an infant child who had no place to live. Money was extremely tight, sales were down at work, and we didn’t have much to give the boys that year for Christmas. Well, it was a couple days before Christmas, and we still hadn’t gotten the boys to get their pictures taken with Santa at the Quakerbridge Mall. I called earlier that week, and was told that Santa will be done at 9 pm that coming Sunday, and Christmas was on that coming Tuesday. So, on that Sunday, I came home from work after working all day, and it was a really bad day at work as sales were down. That night we were supposed to take the boys to see Santa. When I got home the boys weren’t dressed, and no one had eaten dinner yet. My wife always worked long hours at work, and she hardly ever slept. Sleeping 4 hours a night would have been a lot for her. She was always completely exhausted. So after I saw that nothing was done, I just was so angry, and so stressed that nothing was done yet, and we had only a few hours to get to the mall before Santa left. You see, we had only one small car, and I had 8 people to get to the mall. That meant multiple trips to get everyone there. I was fighting the clock, everyone was hungry and no one was dressed. Inside I was frustrated, angry, tired, and this heart problem was really taking a tremendous toll on me because I still hadn’t gotten my surgery yet. I can’t tell you how many times when I was alone how I use to just cry knowing death was right at my door. So… as we were sitting there eating, I am watching the clock as the night was ticking by. My oldest son Alfons, who was six years old at the time was diagnosed with autism, and he was just the cutest thing. As we were sitting there eating, he asked me in the kindest and innocent of ways, “when are we were going to go see Santa?” After feeling so frustrated with the whole situation I did the one thing I should have never done. I exploded and told him “we are not going to go see Santa because no one is ready!” After hearing myself say that, I got up, went to the bathroom and I just broke down. I was crying uncontrollably, as I begged God to please help me. I felt my whole life coming apart at the seams, and I had no one else to go to. Emotionally I felt like I was in a very dark place in my life, and I didn’t know how to get out. After getting myself together which took about 10 minutes, I came out of the bathroom, and told my wife to get the kids ready because we are going to the mall to get their pictures taken. I knew getting everyone there in two trips was going to take a long time, and we were fighting the clock. After the kids were all dressed, I knew I had to take my wife, and a couple of the kids, then come back and pick up our friend, her baby and 2 more kids. It just felt like this was going to take forever, and I just wasn’t up for it on this night. So as I am putting Aaron, my youngest in his car seat in the car I broke down yet again, and this time I said “God, please help me, please help me!” I can’t emphasize enough how this night just made me feel that I was in such dark place and so alone. As I was strapping Aaron in, I heard a running engine stop behind me in the street. I turned around, and there was a big, bright red pickup truck with a man dressed as Santa, and his wife dressed as Mrs. Claus. He stopped in the middle of the street, as my back was to him. I didn’t know what to make of it. He started waving to me, and asked me how I was. Fighting back the tears, I said to him, “I am having such a bad day.” I explained to him how we were taking the kids to see Santa at the mall. I asked him if he could help me, and come inside the house to take a few pictures with the kids. I also mentioned how it was going to take multiple trips to get everyone there. He looked at me, smiled, and said “yes.” So as I am taking the pictures of the kids, I hear my wife and his wife talking as they are standing behind me. His wife said, “we were at the top of your street”, now keep in mind it’s pitch black out, they were at the top of West McGalliard and Maddock Ave, and my house is at the very end of the block which is like ten houses away. So…as she is talking to my wife she says that her husband stopped the car at the top of the street, and told her “I have to go say hello to a man down there!” When I heard that, something happened inside to me. I knew then and there that God really did hear me. He really heard me!! As little as my problem was in the grand scheme of things, he knew to me it felt like the end of the world. I can’t say it enough how dark everything felt that day, but God really heard me. I wanted to share this story with you hoping that people never forget that there is a God that really does see, and hear everything going on in our lives. And never stop hoping, never give up, and always keep faith in God because he does care! He does listen to everyone! Attached to this story are pictures of the boys still dressed in their coats, but most important to know that on that Sunday night two days before Christmas of 2005, God heard me, and came to my house. I hope my story is a testament to many that God does listen, and he really does care.

-Al Huber

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